Sunday, 29 November 2009

since no one read this blog anymore. i shall use this as a ranting blog.


Saturday, 14 November 2009


Who says this blog is dead?? is coming back!!!!!! WAIT.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

1 MONTH before going to UK land!

Er. I know I neglected this space/blog. But pardon me I just got nothing much to update.

This is because holidays for me has been none other than working, eat, exercise, sleep, occasionally out, and now, some football to look forward to. But with the mediocre squad like the current Arsenal's, its nothing much to brag about. So ignore the football part.

Oh yeah and some Olympics. Which has just passed. Well done to China and the organisers of the Beijing Olympic games, its been a truly wonderful sports time and brought much entertainment for 2 weeks.

Oh well and not to mention Singapore trip which yields lots of Cha Bo and booze. I really needed those. Not like I could get any of those in Kuala Lumpur. Next up is Langkawi and, Singapore again. Not bad not bad.

I'm leaving for Bath end of Sept. There we go again. Cold. Study. Pasta. Prison break. Gossip girls(wtf). Bamsa. Oh, and don't forget Emirates stadium =) Should be a good 2nd year with all the fresh challenges. Can can.

Oh, and well my results came out more than a month ago. Not too bad not too bad. But 1st year not counted. ZZZ. And I haven't done much revising on my German and MATLAB. I have to. Cause I know i'm gonna regret if I don't.

So Jiat, please do it. For your own good ok. Good boy. =)

I want to sleep. Bye.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

This Summer. Be different. Be very different. Be yourself.

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder, often precipitated by the fear of having a panic attack in a setting from which there is no easy means of escape. As a result, sufferers of agoraphobia may avoid public and/or unfamiliar places. In severe cases, the sufferer may become confined to their home, experiencing difficulty traveling from this "safe place."


Ssup mahca..apa khabar lu orang? lama tak jumpa, khabar aku pery gut wan, sama dgn lu ma, i hope.

SOrry for lack of updates, mainly coz i got nothing interesting to report about, unlike others. Life now is going smooth, and normal, not to mention lackluster.

Its really good to be back, all the parents and house and all the food, and all the fffriends..err. We will come to that later. Subang Jaya is all well and good as usual, some few development here and there, new inti blocking taylors, pyramid 2 being as gorgeous as before, definitely worth going, and some not so expected events, for now at least.

So 4 months long holiday, "WOW", says majority people, "what are you gonna do for so long?"

"I'm gonna watch euro and play lots of futsal!" says A.

"Oh, I'm gonna shop till i drop!" says B.

"Huh? Shop? Please la, I want to SLEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" says C.

"SLEEP? You gotta be kidding mate, I gonna get a real gf for the first time ever and pak toh like never before." says one dickhead.

Well none of these apply to me, I am currently working now. Yes, Jiat working. Something different this summer.






Yes I'm currently working in my dad's company, full time trainee. Working hours, 9am-5.30pm. I'm working, for the first time ever. I'm thrilled.

Please don't ask what i do there. No not making coffee, no not Photostatting either, and no not answering phone calls. And lastly, NO, not a manager either.

Oh and well i get paid like all other trainees, a fixed amount of "pocket moneyyy". I do real stuff, like drawings and soldering, and learning sophisticated circuits and various types of control systems, and bout wiring's and electrical components from the control panel you get in power plants, sugar factory to the water pumps at the basement of Pavillion KL. Interesting. This is the real deal.

So some real stuff and first hand experienced for Jiat, I think it will be an invaluable experience for me, it is always good to start from below. Working allows one to meet new people and I've meet quite a number of trainees from around Malaysia, all from local U and 1 from Notts Malaysia. Really good to meet different people and not to mention having fun. Its good its good.

Well lets get back to the stuff I was talking. Before I came back, I have some special ideas, some interesting thoughts, and some glimpse of hope. I had the ideal thoughts in my mind.

Well, so far, its nothing but just a thought. A dream. Lets just say that things hasn't gone as well as I would have liked. But as you will probably be thinking, I would have been a billionaire by now if everything went my way. Same to you.

I've also been rather, say, anti-social lately. Goosh. Me being anti-social? That was the last thing that will come to to my mind. Maybe is the work and all, maybe its the climate, maybe its just the thing. Maybe its just me. Actually, come to think bout it, its not the matter bout lately. Maybe I've always been like this. Some reluctance being part of my personality. Or perhaps I was brought up like this. I don't know. Everything/everyone plays its part and have some say in this.

Well that doesn't mean that I'm unhappy now, that I'm depressed. I'm actually fine with it and getting on with it. Maybe this is good after all? Certainly a long term thing. Maybe thats just how it works. Maybe this is inevitable. Grow up, I'm 20 now omg. We all have to learn to survive alone sometimes, don't we? There will surely be a point in life that we have gotta do some things alone and past some time alone. So be it.

Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful and caring family at home and many great friends outside. And they would be there if needed. Yeah.

But it certainly not what I expected. Really. And I'm NOT lonely ok. Never will. So take your mind off that now please.

So, 12.15am now. I sleep 12am and wake up 7.30am for weekdays now. No euro 2008 on weekdays for me. See what am I becoming. A man. An old man, sushi may say. But old is wise. And some training for the future never gonna do any harm is it?

Think ahead.

It may well be just the beginning of what will become a great journey.

Hang on and sit tight, Jiat boy.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

And so.

The one and only mesmerising town................................... Bath.


5 more days till the end of my 1st year. My oh my, how fast time flies? Felt like I just finish SPM. Felt like Arsenal just went unbeaten. Felt like I never been here. But fact is, I just finish my 1st year degree exams and heading home the next week. =)

And feeling all these never happened.

This is the sort of feeling I would get. Sure, I am very very excited to be home after 5 months. But I just know that everything is going to be the same after a few weeks, after I get back to my normal routine, after I have all the Malaysian delicacies. (screw you bangers and mash and CHIPS!)

Life needs a little more excitement. Indeed. But who knows, it might be different this time. =)

Anyway, Hi there. Its been QUITE a while since my last blog, nothing much has change. Except that I just finish my exams today and resting in my room(after a few weeks in the library) waiting for the non-sober-kuai-lou to call me out. Lol. And the alchohol lovers.

Talking bout exams, yoday went quite well, and hope I did just ENOUGH for the previous ones and allow me to archieve >70% overall. That will be an enormous boast. Certainly I tried very hard.

Hmm. Seems like I have nothing to talk about. All I think now is about home. Oh, and since I am leaving on Monday, I have to pack all my stuff in my room and berhijrah(still remember this word!) to my new place! My new room is twice the size of my current room, so if you all(preferably girls pls) happen to come down here, you know who to find =) Thankfully I have jolly good housemates who is willing to go back to London to get his car to help me move. Well he had to get a car anyway to move his stuff, so might as well right? Kill two stone with 1 bird.

Oh and this is what happens when you spent your whole day in the library:

Lol. Whoever wrote this, I assure you have my respect! That's something I would love to write but would never write. You made my day!

Banyak soalan ah this country. Go play football please. Euro 2008 is coming! Oh sorry I forgot you lot didn't qualify. Oooooppppsss.

Ok that's all I think I can say now. Cl*bbing mood ON now. See you people!

Looking forward to hear:

" Selamat datang ke Kuala Lumpur International Airport, to all visitors, welcome to Kuala Lumpur, and to all Malaysians, WELCOME HOME!" =)

I'm so excited!

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

What for.

For what?

Why you think I do all these for?

Why do you think I want it?

I am not desperate.

I just want to be fair.


Integrity is the essence of life.

But who am I to say?


Saturday, 26 April 2008

God knows number what post and I'm 20!

Well well. And you thought i forgot all about my bubbly blog haven't you? No no. Of course not.

So, 20 years ago 26/04/1988. A boy is born. How special is that boy remains to be seen. But certainly big things is expected from him. And so is every single person who is born.

I'm 20 years old today. First of all thank you for all the lovely people who wished me. Phone calls, MSN, skype and facebook included =) Makes me realise I have a lot of wonderful friends(Who needs facebook to remind them. LOL!) Oh and thank you for some people who TRIED to wish me 1st. It din't really work did it? Nice try. Lol.

Like i always said, well a birthday is just like any other day but surely you HAVE to do something? Its only once a year! Ok then, I will go to some restaurant I haven't tried before. =) Ok birthday is birthday. Now let me talk bout what has happened since my last post and what WILL happen.

So. Final exam is a bad 2 weeks away. And I can say that I'm so NOT prepared for it. This sem is much tougher than last sem, And i need a lil bit over than 70% for this sem to get a 1st Class overall. So I can tell Jiat:" If you still don't use your time now to put in super-human effort, then you only have yourself to blame. Do not be disappointing again. You can't be. You just CAN'T."

Brilliant words to Jiat.

Oh, and 2 weeks away from exams means..............

HOME SWEET HOME! In 5 weeks time that is. Mark your calendar! June 3rd! The Return Of The Malaysian Prodigy(-al?)

So..Last Easter(Mid March) I went to Spain with my College friends. We went at Barcelona and Madrid for about 8 days. It was pure fun and excitement but really, we were all prodigal sons. Spanish food is super expensive, although its nice, but boy we really paid a lot for it. The weather was lovely and the place is superbly beautiful. A few glitches and an unfortunate(but fortunate too?) incident aside, it was a well deserved break for all of us and a really good one. Here are some pictures:

Nou Camp Barcelona(L-R): Jiat, Henry, Poh Shen, Selphie, Lynn, Ronaldinho, Nimalan, Saiful

Mata sepet. Sunny and nice weather in the beautiful Barcelona.

Olympic stadium Barcelona.

Gaudi Island? Oh Gaudi Park.

Above: Estadio Santiago Burnebeu in Madrid!

Sorry I am quite bad with pictures but yeah those are the few I stole from facebook if you haven't already noticed. Pictures courtesy of Sephie and Saiful. Thank you for those splendid pictures! If you would like to see more pictures, please go to my photos on facebook. You probably have since it already coz its like a month ago? Yeah it is. Sorry I'm a lil lagging.

Was at Berlin, Germany last weekend with me lovely parents. Very good to see them again! Nice place berlin. Food cheaper than spain, hotel also good..und auch ich spriechen sehr gut deutsch! =) I am coming home in 5 weeks time!!!!!

Sehr gut essen western im deutschland mit ich eltern! Mummy and Daddy!

The famous Brandenburger Tor im Berlin!

Beautiful City of Berlin from the 390m Berlin TV tower! 2nd tallest tower in europe i think.

So that's about it. Oh and remember bout the asian mix western chick I told you quite some time ago? I always see her now a days! And heard her speak! Got some British accent whey. Very fair and cute! And quite pretty..STEAM whey. But who is she? Whats her name? Is she a first year? Most important of she SINGLE? All this questions remains to be answered and might stay unanswered forever. With a little bit of luck, I hope to know. Some day I will. Believe me.

But my target remains the same =) But don't think is vice-versa thing.

OK then. Phew..done blogging. Took bout 1 hour plus? Wish me luck for my exams people. And for those studying hard for their exams, good luck and don't stress too's short, take it easy! And thankx again for those wonderful and sweet wishes!

Happy 20th Birthday to Jiat! <3